Services Offered


Subacute Services – From Application to Certification
We work with your leadership team to explore the feasibility of your entry into the subacute market as a Medi-Cal certified subacute unit. An important part of this first step is meeting with key medical staff to determine interest and commitment. A thorough assessment of indicators identified as essential for a successful subacute unit will also be made. Items found in need of correction would be prioritized with costs of correction projected. We strongly believe our clients need to know what lies ahead and what would need to be addressed before moving forward. However, if the evaluation has enough of the important markers satisfied to suggest it is appropriate to move forward, the progression towards becoming a Medi-Cal certified subacute center can be fast-tracked. A few of our operational areas of concentration include:


  • Nursing Services
  • Respiratory Services
  • Plant and Facility
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Education and Training